A Struggle for Power
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A Struggle for Power

A Struggle for Power

"Pour être bon historien, il ne faudroit être d'aucune religion, d'aucun pais, d'aucune profession, d'aucun parti."

"To be a good historian, one should not be of any religion, of any country, of any profession, of any party."

Epigraph in Horace Walpole, Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Second (London, 1846), vol. 1, p. 237.

This from the front matter to Theodore Draper's A Struggle for Power: The American Revolution, which comes recommended by Christopher Hitchens in his book on Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson: Author of America.

Previously, in high school, I believe I'd consulted Draper's A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affairs (1991) in my senior year IB History class, sat at the International School of Beijing, in Shunyi.

What I appreciate about Draper is that he did his work outside of academia--thus the quotation, "pour être bon historien..." (removed from the most obvious conflicts of interest)--and while his work speaks for itself, he received the American Historical Association's 1990 Herbert Feis Award for Nonacademically Affiliated Historians.

I believe this book will repay your study.

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