Books on the Desk - February 2022

Could it be that good magic must be cast to defeat dark magic? Could this be why evil manifests when good people do nothing?

Books on the Desk  - February 2022
...the mountains may be sent back to the sea.

I don't tend to read books cover to cover.

They clammer for attention, one climbing atop the next like that game played with a partner, alternating hands. Soon, minor mountains have risen up.

Like stars in constellations, the ideas, concepts, and arguments in one book relate to the next book and so on until a useful pattern emerges from within my own heart.

Then with a prayer, silent or spoken, the mountains may be sent back to the sea.

The Holy Bible - New Revised Standard Version

Jesus has connected me to many people in recent days.

And while almost certainly much is lost or twisted in hundreds or thousands of translations, passages like Luke 6:27-36 have helped me approach conversations not from a place of anger, frustration, and despair, but from somewhere else.

Speaking of anger, frustration, and despair...

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness

Notice if you are vibing in low levels of consciousness and use this book to counter those states and move up. In part I'm no longer the same person I was last year by applying lessons from this book.

The United States Department of Defense Law of War Manual

Instructive if we are at present in the scenario of a belligerent occupying power.

Conversations of Goethe with Johann Peter Eckermann

This one has helped me to learn from others through listening more intently, more fully. It is a journal kept by the young poet Eckermann as he engaged with Goethe in Goethe's later years.

100 Poems

A compilation curated by Seamus Heaney's family. Try "From the Republic of Conscience"...

'At their inaugeration, public leaders
must swear to uphold unwritten law and weep
to atone for their presumption to hold office –

and to affirm their faith that all life sprang
from salt in tears which the sky-god wept
after he dreamt his solitude was endless.'

Dissolving Illusions

Intrigued by Chapter 12, The "Disappearance" of Polio, which reframed my approach to understanding diagnosis as well as treatment. There are symptoms which are indistinguishable from polio symptoms which are not caused by polio. The generally accepted history of polio may not be accurate.

Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone

Could it be that good magic must be cast to defeat dark magic? Could this be why evil manifests when good people do nothing?

What Doesn't Kill Us

Start with cold showers. Soon enough you'll be doing polar plunges like my brother.

The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

Nikola Tesla, known for his contributions to the electrified world we inhabit today, writes about improving the nutritional quality of food for the entire world population, and how to go about doing it. Has enthused me to improve our vegetable garden again this coming spring.

I Do Not Consent

Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors describes her work with patients and how it changed when she faced cancel culture and non-scientific and political limitations on the already proven successful treatments she was using to save lives in early 2020.

A Pattern Language

How to build homes, neighborhoods, towns, and cities where people can thrive.

The Message of the Divine Iliad

From the back cover: "Peace, happiness and prosperity can only be attained through comprehension and obedience to Natural Law."


A novel asking questions about the stories we inhabit.

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