Notice the pages and the sentences and the spaces between them.

Some have few words.

Some fewer.

"Life Cereal" from IS THIS ANYTHING, by Jerry Seinfeld

If you've ever come upon the rarely-mentioned Several Short Sentences About Writing, you'll appreciate how Is This Anything? is typeset, and its interior design.

In the same way that comic artists leave space between panels for the reader to engage with the sequential art form, as we learned from Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, the line spacing--short paragraphs, when there are graphs at all--allows the reader (and of course, when these bars are delivered live, the audience)--to engage his or her imagination and otherwise enter into the conversation, the story, the humor, to receive the joke and maybe even to be changed by it.

I'm long comedy. Not enough of it at the moment. But like Working by Robert A. Caro gives us a view of the dedication that writers once had--and that I'm sure some still do--Is This Anything? reminds us what a lifetime of dedication to art and craft may result in, and how that may change culture.