Ishmael - Daniel Quinn

Ishmael - Daniel Quinn
Which story are you enacting?

When a man answers a call in a newspaper ad to learn how to save the world, he discovers his teacher, Ishmael, is a gorilla. Overcoming hesitation and reluctance, full communication, telepathically, ensues across a series of conversations.

Throughout, the narrator learns how to question the stories with which Mother Culture has equipped he and the rest of society.

"No creation story is a myth to the people that tell it. It's just the story."

So, what happens when we thoughtlessly enact a story that goes something like the following?

Beginning: The world was made for mankind.

Middle: Mankind needed to conquer the world to fulfill his destiny.

End: The gods meddled to make man flawed so that paradise could not be reached on Earth.

Do you agree or disagree with the premises, the conclusions?

Are alternative stories available?

For anyone trying to align themselves with a new story, read Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, from Bookshop.

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