Minneapolis Ballot Initiatives for 2 November 2021

Minneapolis Ballot Initiatives for 2 November 2021

This afternoon I wasn't feeling well and I realized it was because I hadn't put together my thoughts on the ballot initiatives in the city I live, since this is the place I can have an impact, just as each of you can impact your local arenas. Offering this video merely as a beginner's mind approach to studying the history of where a ballot initiative comes from.

On a separate note, have heard from several people that there is a need to better lay out how the steal was done (thus the sharing of the recent post, "Anatomy of the Steal"). But reviewing notes, even the last month has clarified much, from Jeff O'Donnell's work with Draza Smith and many others, or the over 100+ ways to cheat in Minnesota that I heard about from Rick Weible. (I attended Rick's 13 October event and am waiting for the go-ahead to share the video I recorded.)

What's more, it was very inspiring to see the citizens of Crow Wing County show up. Our neighbors in Wisconsin are meanwhile making national waves. And much more throughout other states.

The bigger picture is increasingly obvious, that we've been infiltrated and attacked and communists are indeed at the helm throughout our institutions and government. If you're a researcher like me, head over to projectapario dot com and type in "minnesota". There you'll find declassified government documents, about 613,000 pages of them, of which 740 are related to Minnesota. The government withheld these because they didn't want the public to react. From one vantage point, it is the perspective  that helps us understand why this country was attacked as it was.

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Minneapolis Ballot Initiatives for 2 November, 2021
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