3 Books I'm Thankful For
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3 Books I'm Thankful For

Today is November 27, 2021.

Thankful for many things this Thanksgiving weekend.

For God, Jesus's example, for family, and the chance to live and fight for God and country.

Aside from the Bible, on the reading list, though it isn't always immediately clear why are these three:

Living in Truth Vaclev Havel

"This is only natural, after all: if living within the truth is an elementary starting point for every attempt by people to oppose the alienating pressure of the system, if it is the only meaningful basis of any independent act of political import, and if, ultimately, it is also the most intrinsic existential source of the 'dissident' attitude, then it is difficult to imagine that even manifest 'dissident' could have any other basis than the service of truth, the truthful life and the attempt to make room for the genuine aims of life." Section XV of 'The Power of the Powerless'

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness – David R. Hawkins

"It is usually fruitless to try to block thought or force the mind to be still without removing its motivation and pay-off. Its motivational roots can be identified and surrendered. It is then surprisingly possible to make a decision: just do not think about anything. This is made possible by aligning with the Infinite Silence out of which thinkingness arises. It is located not between but just before the emergence of thoughts. ¶ A useful technique to bypass mentalization is that of creative visualization in which the desired goal is envisioned and held in mind periodically. Potentiality tends to manifest when conditions are favorable, and intention (plus karmic propensities) is a contextual influence. In ordinary mentation, logic and sequence are seen as causal and also needful of effort. Envisioning is influential on outcome by entirely different (and easier) mechanisms."

Memories of the FutureSigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

"People move about in space. From any point to any point. They ought to also move through time: from any point to any point. Now that, I tell you, would be a walk!"

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