Have read through page 205 of Brian C. Muraresku's The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name, and thoroughly enjoying it. Muraresku's pacing entrances and his prose is crisp and humorous. The effectiveness of the storytelling and quips serve the overall shape and persuasiveness, so the frequent repetition can be easily excused--so too the speculative, leading questions (but this is not unappreciated)--particularly when reminders of key archaeological findings, names of people, places, or books preserve the narrative.

So far I've completed Part 1: Brewing the Psychedelic Beer, and have begun Part 2: Mixing the Psychedelic Wine this morning.

Perhaps my favorite aspect is how the author engages fluently in his correspondents' native languages. Impressive so far. Clearly the result of a dozen years work.

Will follow up when I'm closer to its conclusion.