Why All the Books?

Reading takes courage. While sitting safely in your favorite chair you are nevertheless vulnerable to the stories spun by authors, the persuasion of their prose, even the flights of your own imagination.

Fortunately, in your daily reading, you’re not alone.

I read it …

…and you may want to. But how could my reading anything actually help you? How might my reading and commentary make you think anew or notice a fresh approach?

Making an Imprint

After noticing how much reading helped 3rd-grade students at a nearby elementary and my own daily work and living, the next obvious step was to extend the joys and challenges of reading to a larger audience.

Maybe you will rediscover, or go deeper into, your own love of reading as one way to engage with the world, with people, with yourself.

A Bookshop in Real Life

One dream I have is to build and run a neighborhood bookshop. Just as a local gym promotes a healthy community, a bookshop is a place to read, laugh, discuss, and deepen relationships, with authors, friends, and fellow readers.

Your support of this newsletter is a direct investment in making that fantastic setting a reality.